Sep 27, 2009

Rug Up

I am loving this look below. I know it is heading into summer, but the way the wind is blowing lately, this is a great way to rug up. I've also added the great Mimco bag, because today I received it as an early birthday present from my husband - except mine's in black!

Haute Hippie - Long Hooded Cowl Sweater

Mimco - Turnlock Bag

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sj. said...

i love long sweaters/cardis like these :) waaay cool. except in malaysia its not very practical to wear them. sigh.
and sweet bag!!

Anonymous said...

love the bag, the detailing ... yum
and the long sweater / cardi is fab. too

Oh, and the silver lining set (todays?) those boots are to die for!

I really must get a new ID for here so's I can do it properly.