May 31, 2009


Topshop - Snake Print Shrunken Blazer - $125 US

Topshop - Kissing Zebras Tee - $32 US

General Pants - Stussy - Black Bubblegum - $129.95 AU

Balmain - Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain - Fringe Flat Sandals - $750 US

Eugenia Kim - Chainmail Embellished Fedora $335 US

Cutler and Gross - Aviator Sunglasses - $490 US 

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Sandra said...

I had something similar to the fringed flat sandals once, except they were in a 'natural' leather. It was around the same time as I bought flat Roman sandals with long thin ties that I could criss-cross all the way up to under the knee. It must have been ... early 70s?(lol)